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Company Profile

Siqura: Who we are and what we do

Siqura B.V. strives to improve public safety and mobility through high-quality, reliable, and innovative video surveillance solutions. 

Siqura mission statement

To bring uncomplicated clarity to the men and women watching over our safety.


We help the men and women watching over our safety in making error-free decisions during mission critical situations. We believe that uncomplicated clarity in video surveillance can truly contribute to a superior response and thus a safer society for all.

  Where Siqura stands for


We ensure the success of our business partners through strategic and customized solutions. Our solutions are developed specifically for the Critical Infrastructure, Government, and Transportation markets. This streamlines our time-to-market even as we tailor technology to meet project requirements.



Excellent support

Founded in 1972, Siqura is reputed for providing its customers with expert technical advice and support. Our expertise centers around the world have in-depth knowledge of the elements and issues that are essential to our customers and the industry.

Worldwide service

Siqura has its corporate headquarters in Gouda, the Netherlands, with sales offices or support covering North and South America, France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy, Dubai, China, and Singapore. This regional presence enables Siqura personnel to offer proactive pre- and post-sales service support to customers all over the world.



Customized solutions

We maintain an unyielding commitment to quality and translate customer requirements, needs, and expectations into long-lasting and durable technical solutions that conform to international standards. Our full range of network products is based on an open technology platform that simplifies integration and installation. Siqura solutions offer a perfect blend of ease of use and processing power, enabling end users to optimize the effectiveness of their surveillance systems while reducing the total cost of ownership. All of our products and solutions are developed and tested for professional and mission critical applications, such as at highway departments, airports, seaports, casinos, public transport authorities, hospitals, city centers, shopping centers, military bases, and corporate and government campuses.


Member of TKH Group

Siqura is a member of the TKH Group, an internationally active group of companies that specializes in creating and supplying innovative telecom, building and industrial solutions. TKH shares are listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. For more information, please visit TKH Group’s website at